Team EquiPro
" When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk.  He trots in the air, the earth sings
when he touches it." .... William Shakespeare
The wind of heaven is that of which blows between a horses ears.....
 ~ Arabian Proverb


                     - SPORTS FARRIER
- Coming Soon
EquiPro is an ALL BREED full service business that is dedicated to both the horse and the rider. We strive to achieve the optimum ability of each equine that comes to us with the highest of standards.

The quality of training, nutrition and care of each horse that comes to us are treated to the individual needs of both horse and rider.

We offer various training techniques for both horse and rider along with clinics to help improve your ability to work with your horse and achieve a complete balance.

EquiPro offers training, services and clinics at various levels. As we work across the United States and bring in horses from international terrain, each horse is completed and dealt with for your needs of training levels and care.

As EquiPro grows we stand to offer more unique services as planned for the near future. The horse is our companion so please feel free to contact us at any time for your personalized needs and services we offer for your horse.
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